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Here At Johnson & Nicholson, we regard the law as a profession, not as a business. Our main priority is to represent our clients with passion and zeal. We like to establish long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. We are attorneys and counselors at law. Accordingly, we advise our clients and counsel them through their difficult legal issues.

We focus our practice exclusively to U.S. Immigration law and Criminal Defense and Business Law. If you have an issue regarding another area of law, feel free to contact us. We will refer you to an attorney practicing in that area.

We have a team of dedicated attorneys, paralegals and assistants that work on our case matters. Upon contacting our firm, you will meet with one of our attorneys and a case plan will be developed. That plan with be executed by the assigned attorney and appropriate legal staff. Our attorneys are prompt in responding to our clients. We have a rule–Respond to all calls within 24 hours.

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Areas of Practice

Immigration Law

Immigration law governs the legal status of people, in matters such as citizenship and residency. Immigration laws vary from country to country.  We specialize in U.S. Immigration laws. Learn More »

Criminal & Traffic Law

Most crimes are identified in statutes that have been enacted by federal, state, and local government legislatures, in response to issues that affect the jurisdiction. Contact Johnson & Nicholson Attorneys to advise you on the best defense for your case. Learn More »

Business Services


Corporate statutes typically empower corporations to own property, sign binding contracts, and pay taxes in a capacity separate from that of its shareholders (who are sometimes referred to as “members”). Contact Johnson & Nicholson Attorneys to Learn More »


As an immigrant charged with a crime in Charlotte, there are two steps to take if you hope to avoid the consequences of a conviction and protect your immigration status. It is vital to exercise your right to remain silent, as you could make self-incriminating statements which could limit your options for defense, and it is advisable to contact an experienced Charlotte immigration defense attorney for legal guidance and representation. We are Attorneys Carnell Johnson and Elaine Nicholson, and we are dedicated to representing immigrants who are facing criminal charges. The effect of conviction on immigration status can be disastrous, resulting in deportation and removal. We understand that this is a frightening time for you and your family, and we will work tirelessly to defend you.

Our firm has successfully represented immigrants on legal matters such as DWI, felony DWI, and vehicular manslaughter. We can advise you as to the DWI penalties and how they could affect you, as well as what strategies could be initiated to seek to reduce the damage. We need to quickly evaluate how the charges could affect your legal resident status. We have defended those charged with possession, and cultivation, and we provide vigorous defense in or out of the courtroom for sex crimes such as child pornography and rape, as well as theft, robbery, burglary and shoplifting.

Christopher Allen White will be working with the firm and handling personal injury cases.